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Assembled with great care by our consignor through professional relationships with the Chargers, mail requests, show signings, and personal contacts. The origin of each signature has been painstakingly documented; list to be included for winning bidder. Spanning the years 1960 to 2013, the collection of 833 signatures are all on contemporary cards manufactured by Topps and Fleer. A once in a lifetime opportunity to own one of the most impressive football autograph collections ever assembled.

1960 Fleer (15): Sid Gillman, Ben Preston, John Stolte, Joe Amstutz, J. W. Slack, Bob Reifsnyder, Dick Chorovich, Paul Lowe, Sam DeLuca, Rommie Loudd, Charlie Flowers, Ron Mix, Bill Kimber, Jack Kemp, Paul Maguire

1961 Fleer (11) : Jack Kemp, Charlie Flowers, Paul Lowe, Don Norton, Howard Clark, Paul Maguire, Ernie Wright, Ron Mix, Fred Cole, Jim Sears, Volney Peters

1961 Topps (8): Jack Kemp, Paul Lowe, Ron Mix, Paul Maguire, Volney Peters, Ernie Wright, Ron Nery, Dave Kocourek

1962 Fleer (11): Don Norton, Jack Kemp, Paul Lowe, Dave Kocourek, Ron Mix, Ernie Wright, Dick Harris, Bill Hudson, Ernie Ladd, Earl Faison, Ron Nery

1963 Fleer (11): Gerry McDougal, Tobin Rote, Paul Lowe, Keith Lincoln, Dave Kocourek, Lance Alworth, Ron Mix, Charles McNeil, Emil Karas, Ernie Ladd, Earl Faison

1964 Topps (22): Chuck Allen, Lance Alworth, George Blair, Earl Faison, Sam Gruniesen, John Hadl, Dick Harris, Emil Karas, Dave Kocourek, Ernie Ladd, Keith Lincoln, Paul Lowe, Charlie McNeil, Jacque Mackinnon, Ron Mix, Don Norton, Don Rogers, Tobin Rote, Henry Schmidt, Bud Whitehead, Ernie Wright, Team (Sid Gillman)

1965 Topps (22): Chuck Allen, Lance Alworth, Frank Buncom, Steve DeLong, Earl Faison, Kenny Graham, George Gross, John Hadl, Emil Karas, Dave Kocourek, Ernie Ladd, Keith Lincoln, Paul Lowe, Jaque McKinnon, Ron Mix, Don Norton, Bob Petrich, Rick Redman, Pat Shea, Walt Sweeney, Dick Westmoreland, Ernie Wright

1966 Topps (14): Chuck Allen, Lance Alworth, Frank Buncom, Steve DeLong, John Farris, Ken Graham, Sam Gruneisen, John Hadl, Walt Sweeney, Keith Lincoln, Ron Mix, Don Norton, Pat Shea, Ernie Wright

1967 Topps (15): Tom Day, Scott Appleton, Steve Tensi, John Hadl, Paul Lowe, Jim Allison, Lance Alworth, Jacque MacKinnon, Ron Mix, Bob Petrich, Howard Kindig, Steve Delong, Chuck Allen, Frank Buncom, Leslie Duncan

1968 Topps (8): Willie Frazier, Gary Garrison, John Hadl, Ron Mix, Rick Redman, Brad Hubbert, Leslie Duncan, Lance Alworth

1969 Topps (7): Tom Day, Lance Alworth, Ron Mix, Steve DeLong, John Hadl, Jacque MacKinnon, Gary Garrison

1970 Topps (10): Gary Garrison, Steve DeLong, John Hadl, Dick Post, Rick Redman, Kenny Graham, Walt Sweeney, Dennis Partee, Russ Washington, Lance Alworth

1971 Topps (10): Lance Alworth, Rick Redman, Marty Domres, Steve DeLong, Mike Garrett, Speedy Duncan, Gary Garrison, Mike Mercer, Dick Post, John Hadl

1972 Topps (11): John Hadl, Dave Williams, Walt Sweeney, Bob Babich, Jeff Queen, Dennis Partee, Gary Garrison, Deacon Jones, Mike Garrett, John Hadl (PA), Jerry Levias

1973 Topps (22): Cid Edwards, Deacon Jones, Bryant Salter, Carl Mauck, John Mackey, Coy Bacon, Lionel Aldridge, Russ Washington, Joe Beauchamp, Walt Sweeney, Mike Garrett (BP), Terry Owens, Ron East, Tom Matte, Gary Garrison, Tim Rossovich, Mike Garrett, John Unitas, Dennis Partee, Jerry Levias, Harland Svare (checklist), Ron Waller (checklist)

1974 Topps (21): Coy Bacon, Ron Smith, Ron East, Gary Garrison, John Unitas, Cid Edwards, Carl Gersbach, Terry Owens, Clint Jones, Lionel Aldridge, Pettis Norman, Bryant Salter, Mel Rogers, Deacon Jones, Russ Washington, Mike Garrett, Jerry Levias, Carl Mauck, Bob Howard, Dennis Partee, Tommy Prothro (checklist)

1975 Topps (18): Don Woods, Bob Howard, Doug Wilkerson, Dennis Partee, Carl Mauck, Joe Beauchamp, Jerry Levias, Russ Washington (All-Pro Tackles), Gary Garrison, Terry Owens, Coy Bacon, Chris Fletcher, Russ Washington, Dan Fouts, Harrison Davis, Bob Brown, Bo Matthews, Jesse Freitas

1976 Topps (11): Russ Washington, Gary Garrison, Dan Fouts, Ed Flanagan, Jesse Freitas, Rickey Young, Ray Wersching, Pat Curran, Dennis Partee, Chris Fletcher, Tommy Prothro (checklist)

1977 Topps (12): Ray Wersching, Don Goode, Chip Meyers, Mike Fuller, Charlie Joiner, Bob Rush (team card), Don Woods, Dan Fouts, Ralph Perretta, Rickey Young, Pat Curran, Gary Garrison

1978 Topps (18): James Harris, Johnny Rodgers, Jeff West, Rolf Benirschke, Mike Williams, Bob Klein, Fred Dean, Rickey Young, Don Goode, Clarence Duren, Charlie Joiner, Louie Kelcher, Joe Washington, Ralph Perretta, Don Woods, Mike Fuller, Dan Fouts, Don Coryell (team leaders)

1979 Topps (18): Dwight McDonald, Bob Klein, Ralph Perretta, James Harris, Fred Dean, Don Woods, John Jefferson, Mike Fuller, Lydell Mitchell, Jeff West, Don Coryell (team leaders), Don Goode, Dan Fouts, Charlie Joiner, Mike Williams, Rolf Benirschke, Hank Bauer, Louie Kelcher

1980 Topps (26): Dan Fouts (record breaker), Mike Williams, Charlie Joiner, Mike Wood, Woodrow Lowe, Glen Edwards, Hank Bauer, Leroy Jones, Willie Buchanon, Don Coryell (team leaders), Ed White, Gary Johnson, Clarence Williams, Bob Rush, Bob Klein, Russ Washington, Ray Preston, Dan Fouts (passing leaders), Mike Thomas, John Jefferson, Fred Dean, Louis Kelcher, Jeff West, Lydell Mitchell, Mike Fuller, Dan Fouts

1981 Topps (23): Kellen Winslow (receiving leaders), Gary Johnson (QB sacks leaders), Louie Kelcher, Mike Fuller, Chuck Muncie, Kellen Winslow, Dan Fouts (action), Mike Thomas, John Jefferson, Rolf Benirschke, Dan Fouts, John Jefferson (action), Don Coryell (team leaders), Charlie Joiner (action), John Jefferson (record breaker), John Cappelletti, Gary Johnson, Glen Edwards, Doug Wilkerson, Charlie Joiner, Clarence Williams, Fred Dean, Kellen Winslow (action)

1982 Topps (22): Don Coryell (team leaders), Rolf Benirschke, Rolf Benirschke (action), James Brooks, Wille Buchanon, Wes Chandler, Wes Chandler (action), Dan Fouts, Dan Fouts (action), Gary Johnson, Charlie Joiner, Charlie Joiner (action), Louie Kelcher, Chuck Muncie, Chuck Muncie (action), George Roberts, Ed White, Doug Wilkerson, Kellen Winslow, Kellen Winslow (action), Kellen Winslow (receiving leaders), Dewey Selmon (football leaders)

1983 Topps (15): Dan Fouts (record), Kellen Winslow (receiving leaders), Chuck Muncie (team leaders), Rolf Benirschke, James Brooks, Wes Chandler, Dan Fouts, Tim Fox, Gary Johnson, Charlie Joiner, Louie Kelcher, Chuck Muncie, Cliff Thrift, Doug Wilkerson, Kellen Winslow

1984 Topps (14): Kellen Winslow (team leaders), Rolf Benirschke, James Brooks, Maury Buford, Wes Chandler, Dan Fouts, Dan Fouts (action), Charlie Joiner, Linden King, Chuck Muncie, Billy Ray Smith, Danny Walters, Kellen Winslow, Kellen Winslow (action)

1985 Topps (15): Charlie Joiner (record), Earnest Jackson (rushing leaders), Don Coryell (team card), Rolf Benirschke, Gil Byrd, Wes Chandler, Bobby Duckworth, Dan Fouts, Mike Green, Pete Holohan, Earnest Jackson, Lionel James, Charlie Joiner, Bill Ray Smith, Kellen Winslow

1986 Topps (14): Lionel James (record), Lionel James (receiving), Dan Fouts (team), Dan Fouts, Lionel James, Gary Anderson, Tim Spencer, Wes Chandler, Charlie Joiner, Kellen Winslow, Jim Lachey, Bob Thomas, Jeffery Dale, Ralf Mojsiejenko

1987 Topps (12): Charlie Joiner (record), Gary Anderson (team), Dan Fouts, Gary Anderson, Wes Chandler, Kellen Winslow, Ralf Mojsiejenko, Rolf Benirschke, Lee Williams, Leslie O’Neal, Billy Ray Smith, Gill Byrd

1988 Topps (13): Vencie Glenn (record), Kelen Winslow (Chargers team), Tim Spencer, Gary Anderson, Curtis Adams, Lionel James, Chip Banks, Kellen Winslow, Ralf Mojsiejenko, Jim Lachey, Lee Williams, Billy Ray Smith, Vencie Glenn

1989 Topps (11): Tim Spencer (team), Lee Williams, Gary Plummer, Gary Anderson, Gil Byrd, Jamie Holland, Billy Ray Smith, Lionel James, Mark Vlasic, Curtis Adams, Anthony Miller

1990 Topps (19): Lee Williams (sack leaders), Junior Seau, Rod Bernstine, Marion Butts, Burt Grossman, Darrin Nelson, Leslie O’Neal, Billy Joe Tolliver, Courtney Hall, Lee Williams, Anthony Miller, Gill Byrd, Wayne Walker, Billy Ray Smith, Vencie Glenn, Tim Spencer, Gary Plummer, Jamie Holland, Lee Williams (team)

1991 Topps (23): Stanley Richard, Gill Byrd, John Kidd, Sam Seale, Gary Plummer, Anthony Miller, Ronnie Harmon, Frank Cornish, Marion Butts, Leo Goeas, Junior Seau, Courtney Hall, Leslie O’Neal, Martin Bayless, John Carney, Lee Williams, Arthus Cox, Burt Grossman, Nate Lewis, Rod Bernstine, Henry Rolling, Billy Joe Tolliver, John Friesz (team)

1992 Topps (28): John Friesz, Joe Phillips, David Ricards, Carlos Huerta, Eric Bieniemy, Gary Plummer, Henry Rolling, Chris Mims, John Carney, Nate Lewis, Broderick Thompson, Courtney Hall, Rod Bernstine, John Kidd, Derrick Walker, Burt Grossman, Donnie Elder, George Thorton, Ronnie Harmon, Gill Byrd, Eric Moten, Marion Butts, Shawn Jefferson, Donald Frank, Junior Seau, Anthony Miller, Leslie O’Neal, Reggie White

1993 Topps (26): Stanley Richards, Nate Lewis, Junior Seau, Leslie O’Neal (franchise), George Thorton, Derrick Walker, Marion Butts, Anthony Miller (league), Leslie O’Neal (league), Eric Moten, Natrone Means 243, Marion Butts (team leader), Burt Grossman, Junior Seau (field general), Anthony Miller, Courtney Hall, John Kidd, Ronnie Harmon, Stan Humphries, Natrone Means 477, Leslie O’Neal, Chris Mims, Gary Plummer. Gil Byrd, Eric Bieniemy, John Carney

1994 Topps (23): Ronnie Harmon, Chris Mims, Issac Davis, Leslie O’Neal, Darren Carrington, Stan Humphries, Junior Seau (tools), Marion Butts, Junior Seau, Courtney Hall, John Carney, Vance Johnson, Reuben Davis, Stanley Richards, Shawn Jefferson, Natrone Means, Dwayne Harper, Stan Brock, Dennis Gibson, Shawn Lee, Eric Bieniemy, Natrone Means (1000), Stan Humphries (3000)

1995 Topps (13): John Carney, Courtney Hall, Chris Mims, Dennis Gibson, Ronnie Harmon, Junior Seau, Shawn Lee, Shawn Jefferson, Natrone Means, Stan Humphries, Leslie O’Neal, Andre Coleman, Harry Swayne

1996 Topps (14): Junior Seau, Dwayne Harper, Terrell Fletcher, Marco Coleman, Aaron Hayden, Andre Coleman, Stan Humphries, Tony Martin (1000), Shaun Gayle, Terrance Shaw, Dennis Gibson, Darren Bennett, Stan Humphries (3000), Tony Martin

1997 Topps (12): Stan Humphries, Andre Coleman, Rodney Harrison, William Fuller, Chris Mims, Terrance Shaw, Mario Coleman, Aaron Hayden, Darrien Gordon, Terrell Fletcher, Tony Martin, Junior Seau

1998 Topps (11): Charlie Jones, Freddie Jones, Tony Martin 64, Tony Martin 261, Natrone Means, Marco Coleman, Rodney Harrison, Junior Seau, Terrell Fletcher, Terrance Shaw, Ryan Leaf

1999 Topps (11): Junior Seau, Natrone Means, Freddie Jones, Charlie Jones, Jeff Graham, Terrell Fletcher, Mikhael Ricks, Jim Harbaugh, Ryan Leaf, Bryan Still, Rodney Harrison

2000 Topps (12): Bryan Still, Rodney Harrison, Curtis Conway, Junior Seau, Jermaine Fazande, Kenny Bynum, Jeff Graham, Freddie Jones, Mikhael Ricks, Jim Harbaugh, Terrell Fletcher, Moses Moreno

2001 Topps (13): Terrell Fletcher, Reggie Jones, Doug Flutie, Tim Dwight, Freddie Jones, Junior Seau, Curtis Conway, Jermaine Fazande, Jeff Graham, Ronney Jenkins, Drew Brees, Ladainian Tomlinson, Tay Cody

2002 Topps (13): Jeff Graham, Ronney Jenkins, Doug Flutie, LaDainian Tomlinson, Tim Dwight, Drew Brees, Marcellus Wiley, Junior Seau, Curtis Conway, Quentin Jammer, Terry Charles, Seth Burford, Reche Caldwell

2003 Topps (7): Donnie Edwards, Eric Parker, David Boston, Drew Brees, Tim Dwight, Donald Reche Caldwell, LaDainian Tomlinson

2004 Topps (11): Doug Flutie, Kassim Osgood, Donnie Edwards, LaDainian Tomlinson, Tim Dwight, Antonio Gates, Eric Parker, Drew Brees, Ladainian Tomlinson (weekly), Michael Turner, Philip Rivers

2005 Topps (13): Drew Brees, Donnie Edwards, Philip Rivers, Quentin Jammer, LaDainian Tomlinson, Keenan McCardell, Antonio Gates, Eric Parker, Jesse Chatman, Antonio Gates (All Pro), LaDainian Tomlinson (All Pro), Drew Brees (All Pro), Darren Sproles

006 Topps (14): Shawne Merriman, Vincent Jackson, Keenan McCardell, LaDainian Tomlinson, Philip Rivers, Darren Sproles, Eric Parker, Donnie Edwards, Antonio Gates, LaDainian Tomlinson (All Pro), Antonio Gates (All Pro), Shawne Merriman (All Pro), Antonio Cromartie, Charlie Whitehurst

2007 Topps (20): Philip Rivers, LaDainian Tomlinson, Darren Sproles, Michael Turner, Keenan McCardell, Eric Parker, Antonio Gates, Quentin Jammer, Luis Castillo, Shawne Merriman, Craig Davis, Scott Chandler, Brandon Siler, Eric Weddle, Ladainian Tomlinson (League Leaders), Ladainian Tomlinson (League Leaders TD), Ladainian Tomlinson (All Pro), Antonio Gates (All Pro), Shawne Merriman (All Pro), Ladainian Tomlinson (league MVP)

2008 Topps (19): Philip Rivers, Ladainian Tomlinson, Vincent Jackson, Antonio Gates, Jamal Williams, Luis Castillo, Shawne Merriman, Shaun Phillips, Antonio Cromartie, Clinton Hart, Ladainian Tomlinson (league leaders), Philip Rivers (playoffs), Norv Turner (playoffs), Norv Turner (defense), Luis Castillo (defense), Jamal Williams (defense), Shaun Phillips (defense), Jacob Hester, Antoine Cason

2009 Topps (16): Shawne Merriman, Ladainian Tomlinson, Jacob Hester, Antonio Gates, Phillip Rivers, Antonio Cromartie, Stephen Cooper, Vincent Jackson, Darren Sproles, Chris Chambers, Norv Turner (postseason), Darren Sproles (postseason), Demetrius Byrd, Cantrell Johnson, Kevin Ellison, Larry English

2010 Topps (13): Nate Kaeding, Stephen Cooper, Norv Turner (team), Darren Sproles, Philip Rivers, Malcom Floyd, Shaun Philips, Jonathon Crompton, Vincent Jackson, Antonio Gates, Ryan Mathews, Ryan Mathews (variation), Ryan Mathews (variation 2)

2011 Topps (18): Vincent Brown, Seyi Ajirotutu, Mike Tolbert, Darren Sproles, Malcom Floyd, Corey Liuget, Norv Turner (team), Gates and Rivers (team), Philip Rivers, Philip Rivers (variation), Kris Dielamn, Antonio Gates, Antonio Gates (variation), Shaun Phillips, Jordan Todman, Ryan Mathews, Vincent Jackson

2012 Topps (11): Eric Weddle, Melvin Ingram, Malcom Floyd, Kendall Reyes, Robert Meachem, Antoine Cason & Quentin Jammer (team), Philip Rivers, Antwan Barnes, Ryan Mathews, Brandon Taylor

2013 Topps (12): Manti Te’O, Denario Alexander, Brad Sorensen, Eric Weddle, D. J. Fluker, Malcom Floyd, Philip Rivers, Shaun Phillips, Antonio Gates, Ryan Mathews, Keenan Allen, Mike McCoy (team)

Incredible San Diego Chargers autographed card collection (833)Incredible San Diego Chargers autographed card collection (833)Incredible San Diego Chargers autographed card collection (833)Incredible San Diego Chargers autographed card collection (833)
Incredible San Diego Chargers autographed card collection (833)
Incredible San Diego Chargers autographed card collection (833)
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